[Floating Cube Studios] PRODUCT ENGINEER – C#, JAVA, RUBY


We’re looking for a generalist product engineer who loves building software to make people’s lives better. You’ll be responsible for either the native or server portions of our point of sale and business platform software. We use: Python, Javascript, Ruby and Go on the server backend; C# on the client frontend.

You will interact with actual customers, gather requirements, and have a say in the architecture of our next generation of business software products.



  • Salary from 750 – 1300 USD
  • Full private medical insurance (up to 500,000,000 VND inpatient coverage, and up to 20,000,000 VND outpatient coverage).
  • Work in a foreign environment – we do yearly rotations to Singapore (meaning we fly you to Singapore and let you work with our business clients directly)
  • An environment that encourages code quality, testing, and investment in our employees



  • Proficiency in a major object-oriented programming language (e.g. Java, C++, C#)
  • Willingness to learn new programming languages and frameworks. This is quite important to us!
  • Experience with code review and git is helpful.
  • Intermediate proficiency in English.
  • Passion for code quality and improvement!
  • We are willing to hire employees without undergraduate degrees in IT, and willing to train promising programmers. Our interviews are focused on coding ability, not paper qualifications.



  • We are a product company: we own our own products and sell to our own customers. We own the vision, feature set, and direction of our software. If you join us, you get a say on the direction of your work!
  • Open working environment, with a focus on staff-development:


  1. We fully welcome opinions on the implementation of our current products.
  2. We believe in constant process improvement. Engineers are free to propose and execute projects that increase engineer productivity/code quality.
  3. Our engineers are mentored by an engineering manager. Every month, we set monthly goals for the purpose of employee growth and promotion levelling.
  • Paid rotations to Singapore – meaning we fly you to Singapore and let you work with our business clients directly.
  • Full medical insurance: inpatient and outpatient coverage from Liberty Insurance Ltd, in addition to the mandatory government public insurance.
  • Aeropressed coffee, board games, and snacks are always available.


Please apply online: hello@floatingcube.com


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